How Speech Therapy Can Help Children With Autism

With online speech therapy, your child can learn to communicate effectively with others. Screening guidelines, and how speech therapy helps.

Top 5 Toys for Speech Therapy at Home (and how to use them)

Make playtime a learning time for a toddlers with speech delay, late talkers or other medical diagnoses like autism or apraxia of speech

The BEST Way to Help Kids with Speech Development at Home…Read Them a Story!

Reading books provides numerous opportunities to learn language skills and support your child’s speaking abilities.

Practice your speech therapy in between speech therapy sessions

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Parent Question: What are Some Speech Therapy Games The Whole Family Can Join?

Parent Question: What are Some Speech Therapy Games The Whole Family Can Join?

What is a Cluttering Speech Disorder?

Cluttering is a fluency disorder often mistaken for stuttering, and is characterized by excessive breaks in the normal flow of speech.

Is your child a late talker toddler, or is there a more serious problem?

We don’t want to worry when our child appears to be a late talker toddler, or is not keeping up with their developmental milestones. And…

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