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Best Game for Speech Therapy

Speech therapy for toddlers, speech therapy for kids of all ages, can be easy and fun when you use this game! Nothing needed, can play anywhere…this is why we love it.
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Why is “I-Spy” the number one game for speech therapy for toddlers?

The little girl with glasses points to her temple

This game is easy to play at nearly any age. You don’t need any tools, and can make it easier or harder depending upon your child’s abilities. It’s played like “20-questions,” with one person being the “spy” who sees an item that everyone else can see. The other player or players ask Yes/No questions about the item. To make it easier, the spy may say the color or size of the item.

Why we like it:

  • By asking questions, and answering questions, your child can build their vocabulary
  • You can focus on a sound or a letter that they might need to work on, like “S” (sock, stick, sun), “F” (frog, finger, flower), “Th” (three, thumb, thread), etc.
  • When they are looking for the item, they are having to remember the previous answers to their questions, building sequences and memory
  • Taking turn-taking helps build social skills
  • This game can be played online, but we like the idea of putting all electronics away and using tools in the room.
Speech therapy for child and adult.

How “I-Spy” helps your child’s cognitive development

brain structure

During this game, your child will be using and developing different parts of their brain. Robin walks through this in the video above, but you can see the different areas that are supported by playing together.

How to play “I-Spy” online.

I-Spy" online.

If you would rather play online, you have many options. One of our favorites is on YouTube and can be found at the link below.

Books also help you play “I-Spy” to work on speech and language for your toddler.

I-Spy on the Farm

Books like “I-Spy on the Farm” that Robin shows in the

video, are also good ways to play without roaming the room.

I Spy with my little eye, something that starts with “F.”

  1. Is it blue? No.
  2. Is it red? No.
  3. Is it green? Yes.

I Spy on the Farm available at

I-Spy Rules

If You Give a Mouse an iPhone

Books that Robin mentions in the video:

Books that Robin