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Better Speech Therapist of the Month – February 2021

We love our Better Speech Therapists! So we want to let the whole world know about them.

Kyle Otte

This month we are recognizing:

Kyle Otte, CCC/SLP
Alabama, Illinois, Hawaii Licensed and ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

What do you love about being a speech therapist?

Being a Speech-Language Pathologist allows me the opportunity to help people from a variety of ages communicate. As humans, we communicate each and everyday whether orally, orthographically, facial expressions, and more. If there is something interfering with our ability to communicate clearly, it can be frustrating. I loving being able to help children and adults break past those communication barriers and make their thoughts, ideas. and feelings known.

Describe the most recent accomplishment with a client that you are particularly proud of.

As many SLPs know, /r/ is one of those tricky sounds to work on. I recently started with a client a few weeks ago working on /r/. After only a few sessions, she is already making a lot of progress. Prior to therapy, she had a hard time approximating /r/ and now she is producing it in the initial positions of words-only after a few sessions!

Speech therapy for child and adult

What do you like about being a Better Speech SLP?

Working for Better Speech gives me the time to plan effective therapy sessions that are fun for the clients and still get the most of out each session. Better Speech hours are very flexible and I can work as little or as much as I want. Better Speech also provides me with the opportunity to expand my skill set, having clients with varying ages and varying difficulties.

Tell us something about yourself that is not well known.

One thing that many of colleagues do not know about me is that I can play the saxophone. I have been playing the saxophone since I was 10 years-old.

Do You Know that Kyle’s Client Gave him the Following Feedback?

“My daughter has been working with Kyle Otto for a few weeks now. He is fantastic! She loves her sessions and we’re seeing progress already. We feel so lucky to have found him. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate him and your service!”

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