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How do I find Speech Therapy at Home After a Stroke?

Many people who’ve suffered a stroke and need help with their communication skills due to aphasia end up finishing treatment at a hospital, go home, and don’t do any more work to continue to increase their language skills. This isn’t because they don’t want to work on their ability to understand or produce language.

Often many people have a hard time finding a speech and language therapist that is qualified to treat people with aphasia. Or if they do find one, the therapist is far away and finding someone to drive regularly to visits is very difficult.

But what if you or your loved one could stay home and still get speech therapy? There are some therapists that will travel to you but now there is a new type of service. It’s called teletherapy. That’s when speech therapy is done via a computer video feed. It’s just like Skype or FaceTime, which many people know about since they’ve done it with family members.

Speech Therapy for Adults at Home after Aphasia
Speech Therapy for Adults at Home after Aphasia

Teletherapy helps connect people with aphasia and therapists for an evaluation or treatment of any kind. There are very little technical requirements. Just a computer or tablet, an internet connection and a quiet space. You can stay sitting in your favorite chair, schedule a session right after breakfast or book a session while on vacation.

People that want to continue treatment can stay in the comfort of their own home rather than traveling, which is sometimes very difficult after a stroke. There is also no travel time and some therapists even have support groups online.

The National Aphasia Association has a directory to help you find a speech therapist to work with you at home after a stroke. You can find one anywhere in your state since there are no distance requirements!

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