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March Madness for Speech Therapy?

Why not? Everyone loves a good game. The speech language pathologists at Better Speech love March Madness because even if you are not one of the “mad”college basketball fans, you and your child can still participate in the magic.

So here are three of our favorite ways to target language skills during March Madness.

March Madness for Speech Therapy?

1. March Madness Mascots – Which is Your Favorite and Why? College basketball is full of some wacky characters. Here is a link to some of the weirdest mascots in college basketball. Take a look and pick your favorite. Then ask your child the following questions (you can model yourself answering the questions as well so they can hear what a reply might sound like):

What do you think a mascot is?

Why does a team have a mascot?

Which is your favorite?

What do you like/not like about them?

Why are they your favorite?

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2. What are They Thinking and Feeling?

We love watching videos without anyone talking. It gives our little clients a chance to look at body language to try to figure out what is happening. Take a look at this video clip of some of the opening moments of previous March Madness games.

What are They Thinking and Feeling?

Ask your child why the mascots are behaving the way that they are? What are they saying to the people in the crowd, to their team, or to the other team?

3. Figurative Language Fun

There is a lot of figurative language around March Madness. You can talk to your child about what these might mean and why we use them to talk about the game.

First, define what figurative language is and give them some examples. It’s when you use a word or phrase that does not have a literal or normal, everyday meaning. Some examples are:

It’s raining cats and dogs.

She slept like a log.

The wind howled.

Here are some terms you can talk about with your child relating to March Madness:

Final 4

Basketball fever

Cinderella story

March Madness

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