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National Bubble Week?!??! And No One Told Me?

Stop the presses. It was National Bubble Week on the second week in March and a notification didn’t pop up on my calendar. Not right.

National Bubble Week

Speech Therapy Activities with Bubbles

One of the first things every speech language pathologist puts in her bag is a bottle of bubbles. Because who isn’t motivated to get to work when there are bubbles involved.

So when the SLPs at Better Speech heard that it was National Bubble Week, they just reached over on their desk to grab the half empty bottle that they’d just used during their online speech therapy session. “Kiddo’s love this stuff!” said SLP, Beth when asked if her little clients are motivated when she brings out the bubble jar.

So we thought it might be a good idea to suggest some activities you can use at home with your little ones to get them engaged in play, asking questions, or using some new vocabulary.

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Here are some of our favorites:

Cat Versus Bubbles in Slow Motion

Who doesn’t love a good cat video. So add some bubbles and put it in slow motion and you have a winner. We love this video because it’s in slow motion and gives parent and child time to watch it and make comments. Don’t like this one or want more? Search for Cats and Bubbles on YouTube. You wont have a hard time finding some you and your child want to watch.

Some vocabulary to target to improve your toddler’s speech and language skills:
Verbs: jump, blow, watch, wait, pop, eat
Nouns: kittie, bubble, snack

Make Your Own Bubbles

The speech language pathologists at Better Speech also love to encourage families to make things on their own at home. We are always sending our families recipes. And making things together is a great way to engage your child in an exciting and new activity where they feel like the adult.

So here is a link to two homemade bubble recipes you can make with your child.

For the little kids, you can target the following language activities:

– Vocabulary: mix, more, water, soap, blow, bubble, big, little, up, down, pop
– Simple directions: First pour, then mix; First blow, then pop!

For kids that are working on some more advanced communication skills, you can target the following language activities:

– Complex directions: First pour the water, then add the soap and mix it together
– Longer sentences: mix more soap, add the water, take a breath then blow the bubble, lets pop it together

You can always make your sentences or directions more or less complex. And you can always reach out to the speech language pathologists at Better Speech for a free consultation on how how to target your child’s speech or language skills at home.

At Better Speech we know you deserve speech therapy that works. We have experts in your needs and assign the right therapist; not just the therapist that happens to be in your area. If you want to find out more about our services, contact us to schedule a free consultation.