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Practicing Speech Therapy with your Kids on a Road Trip

Fun Games and Practicing Speech therapy with Your Kids While Traveling this Summer

As you plan your summer activities and travels, keep in mind that speech practice can be done from anywhere. It just takes a little creativity in order to make it fun and effective.

Being in a car for an extended period of time with the kids can be hard on everyone, that is why we are so quick to allow our children to have “screen time.” So, instead of plugging in electronically (cell phone, tablets, etc.), allow for the drive to be an opportunity to bond, learn more about each other, and start practicing speech therapy in a quality conversations with your children.

Please keep in mind, the driver should always be concentrating on driving first and foremost, but when it is safe, they can maybe take part in some of the games listed below as well.

Here are some fun roadtrip games we recommend:

1. Billboard Stories Game – Watch the billboards and take turns picking one to tell a story about. The story can be make-believe or a real memory. Limit the stories to a few sentences so that everyone can have multiple turns.

Possible areas this game targets include: narrative skills, language skills, listening skills, reading, vocabulary, articulation, turn taking.

2. Alphabet Game – Watch for letters and numbers on signs, license plates, buildings, etc. and call them out as you see them, and where they are to claim them as yours. Everyone plays individually, starting with A going all the way to Z, and then finds the numbers 1 through 10. The first person to find all the letters and numbers in order wins.

Speech therapy for child and adult

Possible areas this game targets include: phonological awareness and grapheme recognition (the letters that make the sounds of the word), reading, prepositions, direction words, adjectives, articulation can help practicing speech therapy.

3. I Spy – Take turns spying and guessing things outside the car. When it is your turn, select something and say, “I spy something… red (can use other describing words, e.g., sharp, scary, etc.).” The others in the car guess what it might be until someone guesses correctly. Then it’s that person’s turn to spy and give a clue.

Possible areas this game targets include: pronouns, carrier phrase* level articulation , vocabulary, turn taking, colors, adjectives.

*A carrier phrase is something you repeat, and add a word. “I like___,” or “There is a ____.” “I spy a____” is itself a carrier phrase, as you fill in the items that you see.

Young children looking at the sea from the shore

4. 20 Questions – Take turns thinking of something – it can be anything. The others try to guess what it is by asking up to 20 yes/no questions. Whoever guesses what it is before 20 questions is the winner and they get to choose something next. If no one guesses it in time, that player stumped everyone! They choose someone else to go next.

Possible areas this game targets include: vocabulary, asking/answering questions and question format, articulation, turn taking, categorization, and descriptions.

We hope you enjoy these ideas about how you can work on speech and language while in the car and traveling during these summer months. If you do not have a speech language pathologist yet, and would like a free consultation with one, click here and set one up at your convenience https://betterspeech.as.me/consultation.