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Spring has Sprung 🌻 So Lets Go Outside to Practice Speech

It’s a been a long winter just about everywhere and the speech language pathologists at Better Speech have had about enough of the cold weather. They’ve taken their laptops out to the backyard and are catching some rays. So by this time of the year, the speech therapists and their little clients are ready to practice speech therapy.

We’ve collected some of the best spring themed speech therapy activities to practice speech and many other goals. Wondering how to apply your toddler’s speech therapy goals to these activities? Just contact the Better Speech team for a free consultation.

Practice Speech

Practice Being a Weather Forecaster

Ask your child if they have ever been outside on a sunny day, only to be caught in a rainstorm later that day? Weather forecasting helps us dress and be ready for different types of weather. You can talk to your child about why it is important to know what the weather will be later that day. You can also talk them about what it means to “forecast,” which you can explain is a good guess about what will happen later.

Print out the pictures in the PDF and every morning, take your child to the window and talk about what you see. Is it sunny, rainy or cloudy?

For kids with a language delay, it is important to repeat vocabulary on a daily basis. So you can use the photos to talk about the same things every morning (and so repeat the vocabulary).

Practice Speech

You can talk about:

sun, clouds, rain, wet, raincoat, boots, umbrella, sunglasses, rainbow

For kids that are practicing yes/no questions, you can ask questions like:

Do you see the sun?
Do we need our umbrella today?

Speech therapy for child and adult

For kids who need a prompt to say a word, you can ask:
Do you see the sun or the clouds?
Is it raining or cloudy?

For kids that are practicing answering Wh- questions, you can ask:
Do we need our boots today? Why?
Where are the clouds coming from?
What will happen if it rains?
When was the last time it snowed?

Go Outside for a Scavenger Hunt

The Better Speech SLPs like to send these scavenger hunt pages (download the PDF below) to their little clients and ask the parents to head outside to hunt for spring-related vocabulary words. They will search for butterflies, feathers, leaves and more. When they find something, ask them to cross out the item.

Practice Speech

When they find an item you can talk about it (it’s flying fast, it fell from the tree) , answer questions (what color is it, what sound does it make?), ask questions (let them ask you questions), make observations, and more. This activity is also a great way to get the kids moving and so can increase remembering what they are learning, especially for those kids that are more physical learners.

Read a Book About Life Cycles

“Female frogs lay eggs in the water, but what hatches isn’t a frog yet—it’s a tadpole! This classic Level 1 Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out picture book shows the incredible metamorphosis that occurs as a tadpole loses its fishy tail and gills and becomes a frog.”

From tadpole to Frog

There is nothing like talking about tadpoles in the spring and then going out to find some in the lake at the park.

Animal life cycles are a great way to use nonfiction books for practice speech. Our Better Speech SLPs always read life cycle books during online sessions. Then they work on activities like sequencing the steps of a life-cycle, practice comprehension of facts, and work on retelling the story. For example, for kids who are not readers yet, after you’ve read them the book several times, let them flip through the book and try to tell you the story. If they need reminders, use the pictures to remind them. You can even use real objects like puppets and wind-up toys to increase engagement.

You don’t even have to have a plan st order to enjoy the springtime fun with the kids. Simply getting outside and moving around does everyone good. Kids learn best when parents model language to them. Talk about what you see and watch your child’s eyes light up like the spring-time sun.

At Better Speech we know you deserve speech therapy that works. We have experts in your needs and assign the right therapist; not just the therapist that happens to be in your area. If you want to find out more about our services, contact us to schedule a free consultation.