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Strong Accent Can Affect Hiring Chances

“Do You Sound Right for the Job?”Asks Monster . com

When you apply for a job, you should be hired for your qualifications and experience. But as you can read on the Monster website, that isn’t always the case. Strong accent is also an important factor.

strong accent

Unfortunately, “sometimes an accent leads to the perception that that person can’t perform this job,” says Professor Dianne Markley (her research is on how accents impact hiring).

For example, jobs like customer service representatives, teachers, marketing managers and  IT professionals all require great communication skills. So a candidate with a strong accent might not be perceived as being able to perform the job as well.

Speech therapy for child and adult

While Markley mentions that the best thing to do is to relax when interviewing for the job and not worry about your accent, can you afford to do that?

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